Zakynthos Travel Summary

The most southerly Ionian island, to the west of mainland Greece, spectacular Zakynthos (Zante in Italian) is famous for its beautiful beaches.  Pristine white beaches and pebbly cove bays can be found across the island.  Take a boat trip around the island spectacular shorelines and discover the islands wonders.

The Zakynthos Travel Summary is segmented into 2 key travel themes to immerse you into everything Zakynthos:

  1. An introduction and brief history to this wonderful island;
  2. What to See

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1. An introduction and brief history to this wonderful island:

Zakynthos is an island mix of beaches, coves, wild and rugged cliffs, and green forested hills.   The island boasts picturesque hilltop villages and traditional monasteries.  Zakynthos beaches are home to the endangered loggerhead sea turtle species  which every year hide their eggs in the fine white sand of Zakynthos beaches.

Zakynthos is world famous for the scenic Navagio (Shipwreck) beach boasts turquoise waters, white sand and is backed by dramatic towering cliffs.  There are number of other excellent beaches including Laganas , Gerakas beach, Vasilikos Zantebeach, and Spiantza beach.

Zakynthos Town was strongly influenced by the Venetians is the capital of Zakynthos which boasts a number of sights including Saint Mark Square, the Venetian Castle, Solomos Square and the Post-Byzantine Museum of Zante.


2. What to See

Navagio Beach

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of the top photographed beaches in Europe
  • The beach also is known as “Smugglers Cove” as it used to be home to a shipwreck which was a smuggler’s ship
  • Waters around Navagio often have electric light blue colour because of the numerous sulphurous caves around the beach
  • Between Volimes and Anafonitria there is a car park where you can take wonderful panoramic views of the beach


Blue Caves

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • A trip to the Blue Caves is one of the most popular boat trips on the island
  • Discovered in 1897 the caves have been formed by continual erosion of the cliff by the sea, creating a series of chambers
  • The caves take their name from the sapphire colour cast by the sunlight shimmering through the water and being reflected into the caves


Venetian Castle

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The Castle of Zakynthos was completed by the Venetians in 1646 AD and the Winged Lion of Saint Mark, a symbol of the Venetian empire, stands above the main entrance
  • The are some great views of Zakynthos and the Ionian Sea from the viewing platform


Marathonisi (Turtle Island)

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • Take a boat trip to the small islet is situated in Laganas bay and provides one of the nesting homes for the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta
  • The island of Marathonissi is part of the Marine National Park and is protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature


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