Chania Travel Summary

Chania is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and the most picturesque Crete.   Chania is famous for its spectacular Venetian Habour and Venetian Old Quarter with its labyrinth of alleyways.

The Chania Travel Summary is segmented into 2 key travel themes to immerse you into everything Chania:

  1. An introduction and brief history to this wonderful town;
  2. What to See

The old town has remnants of Venetian, Ottoman and Turkish architecture abound, with old townhouses now transformed into atmospheric restaurants and boutique hotels and beautiful streets scented by bougainvillea.

Chania Old Town 3

With fantastic views of the White Mountains, Chania is located on the most fertile side of the island. The picturesque Venetian harbour is lined with numerous bars and tavernas and is the perfect place to sample some fresh and tasty seafood. Nightlife is plentiful and shopping opportunities abound.

Dating from the 14th century, the old harbour is ringed by a promenade lined with seafood eateries, cafés and bars and is beautiful at night.  This entire stretch of coast is protected by a breakwater, and on its tip stands a lighthouse-it was designed by an Egyptian architect in 1839.Chania Harbour 1

2. What to See:

Chania Venetian Lighthouse:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The beautiful Chania old port lighthouse was built by the Venetians and rebuilt by the Egyptians in the early 19th century, taking the shape of a minaret.
  • Chania lighthouse, is one of the oldest lighthouses, not only in Greece and the Mediterranean, but also in the world
  • The tower is 21m high and is built on a stone base, located at the end of the old harbour’s pier opposite to the fortress of Firkas
  • From there you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the harbour and the Chania old town with a background of the White Mountains

Chania Habour 5

Firkas Fortress:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The Firkas Fortress was constructed in 1629 in Chania to protect the Venetian harbour entrance from raiders
  • “Firka” in Turkish means a military division, and the building was used as the barracks of the Turkish army in Chania
  • The Fortress now houses the Maritime Museum of Crete
  • Its collection includes models of ships, nautical instruments, painting, historical photographs and war relics
  • There are fantastic views of the harbour from the top of the fortress


Archaeological Museum of Chania:

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  • The Archaeological Museum of Chania is housed in the former Venetian church and monastery of San Francesco (Saint Francis)
  • It was the largest Venetian church in Chania and one of the finest examples of Venetian ecclesiastical architecture in Crete
  • This museum houses objects from the Neolithic and Minoan to late Roman periods found in the prefecture of Chania


Venetian Harbour and surrounding neighbourhood:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The Venetian Habour and old town is a delight to walk around with its pastel-coloured buildings and narrow streets lined with restaurants and tavernas.
  • You can also see the domed Mosque of Kioutsouk Hasan which is now an exhibition hall and the restored Grand Arsenal houses which now houses he Centre of Mediterranean Architecture
  • The harbour and old town are very atmospheric at sunset and early evening

Chania Harbour 1

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