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Rethymno is one of the most well-preserved Venetian old towns on the island of Crete.  Crete’s third-largest city is home to a dazzling mix of Ottoman-era mosques, a Venetian fortress and cobblestone streets lined with Venetian buildings.

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The Rethymno Travel Summary is segmented into 2 key travel themes to immerse you into everything Rethymno :

  1. An introduction and brief history to this wonderful town:
  2. What to See

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1. An introduction and brief history to this wonderful town:

Founded by the Minoans, ruled by the Venetians and conquered by the Turks, Rethymno’s past is packed with multicultural influence and you can see all the influences within the compact Old Town.  Rethymnon is also blessed with some fantastic golden sandy beaches on either side of the port.  The romantic Venetian harbour is perfect for a seaside stroll, and the best place to soak in a Grecian sunset.
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Rethymno’s old quarter is a labyrinth of alleyways, elegant 16th-century mansions and archways. Wander through the narrow streets and alleyways and you’ll find arched doorways and stone staircases, a church here and a mosque there. Beautiful Venetian mansions line Arkadiou Street, while at the cafés around the pretty Rimondi Fountain, the locals relax over a coffee.

2. What to See:

Fortezza Fort:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • Fortezza fort sits impressively on the Palekastro hill and is one of the biggest fortresses from the Venetian Era
  • It has been built on the site of the citadel of ancient Rithimna and the Temple of Artemis Rokkea
  • The grand pentagonal fort was built in the 1573
  • The fortress walls are an impressive 1.3 km long
  • There are fantastic panoramic views of Rethymnon and the coast to the west

Fortezza Fort, Rythymno 2 Fortezza Fort, Rythymno 4

Rimondi Fountain and Old Quarter:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The Rimondi fountain is in the centre Rethymno’s old quarter of the built in 1626 during the Venetian rule
  • Named after the Venetian governor of the period, A. Rimondi, it continually threw water from three springs that had the form of lion heads and provided an important water source for the inhabitants of the Old Town
  • The fountain is surrounded by some great restaurants serving the catch-of-the-day

Rimondi Fountain, Rythymno 1 Rethymno Old Quarter2

Venetian Port & Lighthouse:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • The Venetian Harbour of Rethymnon with the Egyptian lighthouse is one of the most picturesque areas of the Old Town of Rethymnon
  • The beautiful lighthouse is reachable by a short walk around the harbour
  • There are some great restaurants and bars that line the harbour

Rethymno Lighthouse 5 Rethymno Harbour 5

Neratza Mosque:

AllThingsTravel Top Pick:

  • Neratze Mosque (Gazi Hussein Mosque), now serves as Rethymno’s music school
  • It was originally called the Church of Santa Maria under the Venetians before the Turks converted it into a mosque during their occupation in the 17th century
  • The famous minaret reaches a height of 27 metres


3. Photo Gallery:

Fortezza Fort, Rythymno 2 Fortezza Fort, Rythymno 4

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